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7. Failure to Communicate, Script by Bob Blakley

Act Seven, Notes from WAAA2007


Use Case

We want to visualize complex, multidimensional webs of data that change through time through the influence of multiple authors, in order to make this data easier to understand, to illustrate its evolution over time, to highlight contextual relationships, and to be able to attach commentary to the data (which will in turn grow and evolve over time).


These visualizations are not static, but may vary by the needs and interests of each and every person, based on any number of criteria associated with the data.



(what actions the user of the system will perform)


  • View changes over time
  • View the web of associations, expanding down particular branches as desired
  • Organize and/or “attribute” (color, size) the information by predefined and/or custom filters
  • Select and comment on aspects of a document



(the programmatic elements needed to fulfill the capabilities)


  • Time-lapse visualization of multi-part documents, and associated commentary
  • Relationship view of documents, commentary, commentators, and so on through association links
  • Flexible filter interface to find/remove/modify data for personalized viewing

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