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Project Phases

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Most of these descriptions need to be fleshed out.  Please make additions or changes.



PHASE 1:  Initial release, proof-of-concept

1.  Entry-based login system

(full description)

2. Federal Budget uploaded into a database, with fragmentation metadata

We need the federal budget uploaded into a database.  It may also make sense to do the Texas state budget since it is available online as well -- and may be easier to start with.

The data model should support, and be populated with, metadata that fragment its logical structure (into sections, subsections, paragraphs, etc.)  The data model should be general enough to accomodate all levels of government -- feeral, state, county, city, etc.

3. A commenting system, built for extensibility with graphical UI at a later date

(full description)


PHASE 2:  Full release

1.  Tagging functionality

- Letting users tag fragments and comments for searchability

2.  Support for, and population of, metadata to track related legislation

e.g. a bill that revises the text of existing legislation.  I think we should talk to Tom Steinberg and Karl Fogel's (Subversion founder) 90 days group about this.

We have to be careful here -- most groups I have found are very bill-focused and don't understand breaking data up into smaller digestible chunks.

3.  Migrate all user accounts into an open source social network to provide a foundation for identity and reputation

4.  Provide for identity of "actors", which can be individuals or groups

Any actor can contribute to the system.  Provide support for agents acting on behalf of other actors (e.g a group of which they are a member).

5.  Reputation mechanisms (perhaps more of a federated nature)

(full description)

6.  "Connect the Dots" graphical UI.

(full description)

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