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Existing Resources


One of the break-out groups at the end of Saturday as part of WorkshopNotes.



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Rough notes taken by TantekÇelik 2007-08-11.


Legislation and how it gets to the internet in all forms


It gets introduced to a committee.


then to the Library


House Library is pretty good


they convert it to XML format


they give it to Thomas in the XML and HTML formats


unfortunately the Senate hasn't done it yet.


Every paragraph has a permalink


xml.house.gov shows you all the schemas


When you look up something that becomes a house bill, you can choose to download it in XML format or HTML or PDF.


The XML will break it down in all of the language that you are used to seeing.


Two problems:

1. Data is hidden in XML silos (hard for more people to see, understand, re-use)

2. The data you want is not available.


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