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8. An Audience Never to be Born, Script by Bob Blakley

Act Eight, Notes from WAAA2007


Use Case

We want to communicate information to a large and varied audience, with the conflicting goals of having that information be simple, clear, and to the point, plus being complete, comprehensive, and in-context, with commentary.


A clear, simple communication means sending only an excerpt of the original data. The context can come from the link back to a larger view where the recipient can delve as deeply as they desire.


A variant of our goal is that we want to provide valuable data to third-party users who have the same goals named above, plus the ability to format the data so that it looks natural inside of their communication.


“Communications” may be paper mail, e-mail, web pages, or any other presentation of data.



(what actions the user of the system will perform)



(the programmatic elements needed to fulfill the capabilities)

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