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Additional Notes


Lunchtime notes

  • Everything in the budget has at least someone that wants it. If you can harness that incentive, that desire for that item, and provide tools/services with low enough barrier to entry so that someone can annotate that item, it will naturally happen.
    • Sometimes after framing an issue in a certain way, the ensuing discussion causes the issue to be framed differently. So maybe a discussion starter/framer should be able to end one discussion and then start a new one on the same issue, with it re-framed, and link to the old one.


  • I tried to find the federal budget online. I google'd for thomas federal budget and searched within the thomas website itself. Can someone find a link to the federal budget and post here? Many thanks!


Break Notes

Issues of framing:

  • Maybe rather than looking for consensus, as a first step we could try to achieve a 360 degree view of the problem from a wide variety of perspectives.
  • The public's model for looking at issues is polemical debates, which are often emotional and not related to fact. Establishing discussion as dialog rather than debate helps people listen to each other and not look at discussions from a winner takes all perspective. (kettering foundation, public agenda)


Break-out groups

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